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Power cuts looming for North Richmond, Windsor, South Windsor, Wisemans, Cattai, East Richmond

Endeavour Energy is warning customers who live in, or close to, suburbs along the Hawkesbury River system including Cattai; Cornwallis; East Richmond; Glenorie; North Richmond; South Windsor; Windsor and Wisemans Ferry to prepare now for likely power cuts ahead of the expected peak flood levels mid-tomorrow.

“This is an important public safety measure we must take ahead of predicted peak flood levels around midday Monday. We have advised customers in these areas via SMS message this afternoon to prepare for extended power cuts in the event that flood waters reach expected peak levels tomorrow,” said an Endeavour spokesperson.

“Customers who need power for home medical equipment are asked to fully charge their batteries now and be ready act on their back up plans.

“All customers who may be impacted by power outages and/or flooding should charge their mobile phone, pack their recharger and prepare to be evacuated when asked to by the SES. Prior to evacuating, please disconnect electrical appliances in your home and turn off the main switch at your switchboard before in case they are submerged.

To keep customers and emergency service workers safe, power was isolated earlier today to 500 properties in parts of the following suburbs where evacuation orders have been issued: Agnes Banks, Castlereagh, Central Colo, Cobbitty, Colo, Cornwallis, Ebenezer, Freemans Reach, Laughtondale, Lower Portland, North Richmond, Pitt Town Bottoms, Upper Colo and Yarramundi.

There are currently 700 homes and businesses without power in parts of Western Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands where large trees have fallen over powerlines after the torrential rain destabilised their root systems.

Customers travelling in flooded areas are reminded to be alert to possible submerged power lines and treat them as live.

If you see a damaged or fallen powerline, stay at least 8 metres clear and report it to Endeavour Energy immediately on 131 003, or emergency services on 000.

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