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Power back on for 450 properties today, 300 more overnight, leaving 500 without power into Sunday

Endeavour Energy customer service staff have been on the ground in Windsor, Richmond and North Richmond today – Saturday - to answer customer questions about floods and electricity supply.

Endeavour expects to have all flooded parts of the electricity network restored by late tomorrow – Sunday - with several hundred properties needing safety checks before they can be safely re-energised.

While the network is being progressively restored, crews are now working in the hardest hit areas where properties were completely flooded.

Sunday’s focus will be on restoring the network in Pitt Town Bottoms, Cornwallis, Sackville and the Macdonald Valley.

“Access is difficult in these areas due to ongoing flooding and boggy conditions,” and Endeavour Energy spokesman told us, “and electrical contractors will need to do extensive testing of the internal wiring within properties submerged under floodwater”.

Having now seen the flood damage firsthand, Endeavour says it anticipates between 350-400 properties will require inspections of their internal wiring before they can be safely reconnected to the electricity network in the street.

Power is back to 450 properties already today. This progress is expected to continue to re-energise another 300 properties tonight.

This will leave approximately 500 flood affected properties without access to mains electricity power into Sunday.

Endeavour staff will be available again tomorrow in the most heavily impacted areas that are now accessible by road.

They also have extra staff in their customer centre over the weekend on 131 003 for customers who need help.

Estimates of when power will be restored to individual properties are at www.endeavourenergy.com.au/powerupdates or by calling 131 003.

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