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Police and ADF to patrol as skip bins roll out across Hawkesbury

Although reports of looting are popping up on social media, NSW Police say it is not a major issue in the Hawkesbury as flood clean-ups continue, but police and ADF personnel will be patrolling the streets.

The limited reports Police have received were found to be flood damage or discarded household items put out on the street,” a NSW Police spokesperson told the Post this morning - Friday.

“Despite this, police are continuing to actively patrol the area and over the coming days they will be joined by members of the Australian Defence Force.”

Hawkesbury Police Area Command are also continuing to run the area’s Emergency Operation Centre out of Windsor Police Station through the Easter long weekend.

Skip bins are progressively being rolled out in flood affected streets now and it is a free service.

If you are a resident in a flood effected area and see a skip bin that has been delivered to your street - not a privately acquired one – you can dispose of your flood waste in these bins for free.

“We do however request that no dangerous chemicals or paints are placed in these bins as this will cause contamination of rubbish,” say Police.

If you are directly impacted by the floods, you can contact the Council to register to have a bin delivered. Call 4560 4444 or email council@hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au

Be ready to tell them how much rubbish you have so they can work out the size of the bin that you will receive and they will pass on the details to register for the bin.

Hawkesbury Police Area Command said they were proud to be part of “such an amazing community. All involved in this emergency response are working extremely hard to return the community to some sense of normality. Your assistance during and after this flood event has been outstanding”.

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