• Tony Bosworth

Planned Budget increase for child-care doesn’t go far enough to solve the issues – MP Templeman

Macquarie MP Susan Templeman has taken aim at the Federal Government’s proposed Budget changes to child-care funding, saying it only partially addresses the problems, and pointing out it won’t be available for over a year.

The new funding model, which would see more financial relief for some parents – see our earlier story this morning - is not due to come into force until July 2022, which could even be after the next Federal election.

“Labor has been calling for relief for parents from child-care costs for some time, and curiously, last year when we announced our policy, the Prime Minister denied there was a problem,” Ms Templeman said this morning.

“It’s about time the Government recognised the flaws in the system that Scott Morrison designed, but this announcement only partially addresses the problem.

“For a start, it only applies to a second or subsequent child in an early learning centre, it doesn’t address out of school or vacation care costs, and it does not start until July 2022.

“Australian Bureau of Statistics data released last week showed out of pocket child care costs are at record highs – higher than they were under the previous system – and Labor has called for the ACCC to investigate price regulation to ensure all benefit goes into the pockets of families. But the government has failed to act,” Ms Templeman said.

“This announcement also leaves out a whole raft of professional women, whom even the Business Council of Australia recognises need support so that they can work more days.

“Yet again, the Prime Minister has been dragged kicking and screaming into announcing a policy targeted at women, but this announcement is yet another missed opportunity to fundamentally and permanently reform child-care and boost women’s participation in the workforce and, in turn, the economy.”

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