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Updated: Aug 30

As many will know, North Richmond Post Office has been closed for a while due to a potential COVID connection. Peter Woods who runs the ever-friendly postal outlet has shared this update this evening.

"Just giving you some information about the closure of the Post Office at North Richmond.

It looks like we will remain closed tomorrow and possibly the coming week. We are still waiting on NSW tracing to confirm if our daughter is a close contact or not (which we have been told by her company she was).

"We can’t reopen the Post Office until we find out officially.

"However I will be taking PO Box parcels daily and can be collected from the side door as per last year when we closed.

"Also anyone who had a parcel here from last week up to and including the last Monday can also collect from the side door daily from 10am to 12pm."

Hope this helps people who had to collect last week from here.

Again sorry for any inconvenience caused."

We don't think there's any reason to apologise, Peter. It is what it is and hopefully we all get back to normal soonish.

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