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New roundabout planned near North Richmond PS as traffic increases

Here's the plan for a new roundabout at North Richmond, right by the public school, to allow people living in Sunnyside Crescent to more easily get out onto Grose Vale Road – or as the plan spells it, Gross Vale Rd.

It would also see drivers wanting to turn right out of Riverview St able to turn left instead and then use the roundabout as a u-turn.

The roundabout been much discussed on the Facebook North Richmond Community page, with commentators pointing out it is very near the current pedestrian crossing used by schoolchildren, parents and carers, and also very close to the public school itself.

There are also concerns about where parents will drop their children off when driving them to the school once the roundabout is up and running.

The roundabout is seen as part of a solution to rising traffic on Grose Vale Road which is sure to increase further as the Redbank development continues to grow – ultimately there will be as many as 1400 houses there by the time the project is finished, with around 4000 residents.

There are also a range of new dwellings going up in North Richmond – including six two-storey seniors’ living homes, and new and refurbished social housing.

The original Hawkesbury Council idea for the planned roundabout was for it to be placed at the junction of Riverview Road but that was essentially vetoed by Transport for NSW after they’d carried out traffic and safety surveys.

The proposed roundabout – which has been given the tick of approval by TfNSW - is currently in the Council’s Transport Committee where the final design is set to be agreed and then it will go to the full Council which is when the public will be able to have their say.

If it gets the go-ahead, and it looks likely, no-stopping restrictions will be extended on Riverview St too, which will affect several property owners, who have all been contacted about the plans.

If the much talked about Grose River Bridge – known locally as ‘the small bridge’ - for which Redbank’s developers have put aside $23.8 million as their contribution, were to be built it could take some of the pressure off traffic funnelling into North Richmond.

“We are working closely with RMS to progress plans so we can improve traffic in the area,” say Redbank on their website, but the bridge has been talked about for almost a decade – the original concept was in March 2012.

Redbank Communities – the developer of the Redbank site - has so far paid $2.5m towards Bells Line of Road junction improvements in North Richmond, plus close to $1m for walking paths and community green spaces.

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