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New bridge at North Richmond could have $500m price tab – MP lobbying for increased funds

Hawkesbury MP Robyn Preston told a meeting of Pitt Town Progress Association on Monday she would be lobbying hard for up to $500m for the third river crossing – others call it a duplication - at North Richmond.

This is a doubling of the previously announced ballpark figure of $250m and may go some way to answering the big question – why hasn’t the preferred route been officially announced yet?

The final price tag has not been decided on publicly and a lot of that is down to which route ends up being the preferred choice out of several.

Ms Preston told around 50 people at the PTPA meeting she was “working hard” to get $500m for the new North Richmond Bridge.

The cost of the project is not just for the bridge, it also includes all of the access road work that would have to be carried out too.

After the meeting, we asked Ms Preston for some more detail.

“Thank you so much for pursuing the topic,” the MP said. “I am advocating for a third river crossing that our community will be able to embrace and support. I am hoping for an announcement in the coming months, if not sooner.”

The announcement about the preferred route was promised by Transport for NSW back last year.

We have been told it’s being held up by Ministers – both State and Federal. The reason for that is unclear and so far there is no official comment on the delay.

Pic - courtesy of Chris Miller

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