• Tony Bosworth

Nearly full Warragamba Dam to be manually spilled from this afternoon for two weeks

WaterNSW will begin manually spilling water from Warragamba Dam this afternoon from around 3.30pm which will have a flow-on effect on the Hawkesbury River with an expected rise in water levels.

Warragamba is currently at 97.6% full which is below the level it was at on the cusp of the March floods but it has risen by half a per cent this last week.

So from this afternoon, WaterNSW will be operating the gates manually to reduce the water level to 1m below full supply level.

This procedure is known as a drawdown and is a standard process to allow essential maintenance on critical dam assets.

Assuming no further rainfall, the drawdown should be complete within two weeks.

River users may notice a small increase in river heights over this period, says WaterNSW.

Thanks to WaterNSW and EWN for the information

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