• Tony Bosworth

NBN box fried in the storms? It shouldn’t happen – says NBN who are looking into the issue

Many of us have had the experience in the past week or so of a passing storm knocking out the grey NBN box in our homes and cutting internet and phone lines.

NBNco says the equipment does have a high-rated surge protection built in – but they are investigating reports of the boxes dying when a storm strikes.

MP Susan Templeman has been in touch with NBN to find out exactly what is happening.

“My team has been asking NBNCo for many weeks about the NCDs (the grey NBN box for FTTC that plugs into the power and phone line) blowing up during storms,” saus Ms Templeman.

Yesterday the MP received a response from NBNCo.

“We are aware of reports of faults due to electrical overstress in the network and we are evaluating with our engineering teams and technical vendors further ways to reduce the impact on our electronic equipment in high-lightning areas of the country.

“It is important to note that the NBN equipment (NCD and DPU) has high-rated surge protection built in and has been tested to comply with all relevant electrical and safety standards. At this point we are still investigating the exact root causes of reported incidents; however, we would note that only a small proportion of installed devices are affected in these areas.

“It is NBN’s recommendation that customers ensure the NCD is not plugged into double-adapters or power-boards and instead is plugged directly into a power outlet and to leave the NCD consistently powered in non-storm periods.

“During storm activity, customers can unplug their NCD from mains power for the duration of the storm as a protective measure. This is similar to standard advice provided by other device manufacturers and emergency services. We also advise customers to check that all status lights on their NCD are normal after a storm and call their RSP [service provider] should their service not be working.”

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