• Tony Bosworth

Navua and Yarramundi Reserves devastated by the floods

We took a look at Yarramundi Reserve a couple of days ago on our Facebook page, thanks to pictures by Nina Martelli. Take a look if you haven't already seen those.

This is the scene today across the river at Grose Vale’s Navua Reserve. This set of pictures courtesy of Louise Hawkins who tells us: “Sadly it’s a massive mess, very smelly and mosquito infested at the moment.”

See also Louise’s video - below - which gives a really good 360 degree view of the destruction. Everything is covered in deep mud, including the public toilets, and car park. Trees have been uprooted and damaged and the riverbanks severely impacted.

We're talking to Hawkesbury Council about their plans for the two riverside areas and will report more fully on that very soon.

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