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MP Templeman – “feels like second flood in less than a week...people isolated”

Updated: Mar 11

Macquarie MP Susan Templeman was interviewed on Sky News briefly this morning where she gave an overview of what she’s been seeing in the Hawkesbury and how events are unfolding.

MP Templeman with Hawkesbury SES volunteers

“Overnight, the floodwaters have risen in a lot of the outlying areas like Webbs Creek, Macdonald Valley, Upper Colo, so people are flooded, they're isolated,” she said.

“Their supplies are running really low, fuel and food, and the SES have done an incredible job over the weekend getting food in, assisted by local charities.

I think this feels like a second flood in less than a week. People had started cleaning up in some cases from the first one. But of course the turf farms, the vegetable farms, they're just completely underwater.

“We don't know the full extent of the damage of roads. Where water has receded, we've seen really bad damage at Freemans Reach for instance, but the waters are now back up, re-flooding those areas. So there's going to be a real mess and economic pain for a lot of our agricultural growers.”

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