• Tony Bosworth

More snacking going on during lockdown – and some of us snack all day long…

If you’re eating loads more snacks during lockdown, you’re not alone, according to a survey just out today – Friday.

The study reveals that half of Australia’s population – that’s around 12 million of us – are snacking more in lockdown and 49% of us have been replacing normal meals with snacks.

A third of us don’t even have any normal meals most days, we just snack all day long.

The survey – a joint project by YourGov and plant-based snack brand Fancy Plants – was not all bad news though. They found half of us were doing the right thing and eating healthier, with one of the main reasons given, “to boost immunity post-pandemic”.

And a healthy 56% said they were actively picking food and snacks with added nutrition.

Not all bad news...a lot of us are eating more snacks but they're healthy

And apparently the flexitarian movement is on the rise. If you haven’t heard of flexitarian before, it refers to eating a varied diet but with more of an emphasis on plant-based foods.

A third of Aussies eat more plant-based food now compared to three years ago and the reasons given were personal health (55%) and the planet's health (48%).

The survey was taken by 1000 people, chosen as representative of all Australians.

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