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MON COVID UPDATE - Hawkesbury cases rise by 13, 80-year-old local dies of COVID at Nepean Hospital

Sad news this morning, an 80-year old man passed away at Nepean Hospital - one of seven deaths in the last 24-hours due to COVID announced this morning.

The man was a resident at Hawkesbury Living aged care home on Richmond's March St which has seen around 30 residents and staff infected with the virus, with most now either recovered or on the path to recovery.

Across the Hawkesbury, there are 13 new active cases of COVID reported in the last 24 hours. Six of those are from unknown sources, and takes the number of active cases in our local government area to 146. We'll have a more detailed breakdown of numbers in our suburbs, courtesy of numbers man Kevin Pollard, this afternoon.

There were 1257 new COVID cases across NSW in the last 24 hours.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian did front the media conference this morning, despite saying Sunday would be the last day she regularly appeared.

She said there had been a slight slowdown in the uptake of vaccinations. We are now at 46.2% double doses and 78.5% first doses.

"Do not let your guard down," she warned. "It's way too early for us to get complacent."

She said a super-spreader event is always possible, so everyone should keep being careful.

She also said, "the government has not yet confirmed what will occur at 80% double-dose vaccination. We’re still working on those plans.

"I don’t want people to think they can sit back, let everybody else do the hard work and then turn up when it’s 80% and get everything else that vaccinated people are. That’s not the right message.

"I want to say it clearly - that if you’re not vaccinated, you will not have the freedom or the freedoms that vaccinated people have even when we get to 80% double dose.

"And it won’t only be a government decision. A private business might choose only to welcome patrons who are vaccinated. An airline might say you can only fly with us if you’re vaccinated.

"So I just want to thank everybody - and I know lots of people, even in my own circle, as all of you would, who are hesitant or couldn’t be bothered to get the vaccine but everybody now is really noticing and say I don’t want to miss out, I want to keep my family safe, I want to keep great health workers safe."

There are 1189 people in hospital with COVID, 222 of them are in ICU, and 94 are on ventilators.

Seven people died from COVID, including the man from Hawkesbury Living:

A man in his 80s died at Nepean Hospital. He acquired his infection at the Hawkesbury Living Aged Care Facility in Sydney’s north west. His is the second death linked to an outbreak at this facility.

A man in his 90s from Dubbo died at the St Mary’s Villa Aged Care Facility, where he acquired his infection.

A man in his 80s from Sydney’s inner city died at St Vincent’s Hospital.

A woman in her 60s from south western Sydney died at Campbelltown Hospital.

A man in his 90s from south western Sydney died at Liverpool Hospital.

A woman in her 90s from Sydney’s inner west died at Concord Hospital.

A man in his 80s from south western Sydney died at Sutherland Hospital.

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