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Still big numbers on new cases with 818 in the last 24 hours but the Premier doesn't want us all to focus on those numbers so much, she says we need to focus on vaccinations, which are climbing swiftly.

Hawkesbury numbers are up to 54 this afternoon, recorded up to Saturday 8pm. That is an increase of 6 since yesterday.

Of the 818 new NSW cases, 120 are linked to a known case or cluster – 94 are household contacts and 26 are close contacts – and the source of infection for 698 cases is under investigation.

Forty-seven cases were in isolation throughout their infectious period and 15 were in isolation for part of their infectious period. Forty-two cases were infectious in the community, and the isolation status of 714 cases remains under investigation.

There have been 3 more deaths due to COVID - none in the Hawkesbury.

There are 586 people with COVID in hospital and 100 of those are in ICU.

Last week 738,000 NSW residents were vaccinated, many with their first doses, some with the second.

There have been 5.9m jabs so far and with a target of 6m by the end of the month, the Premier says we are about a week ahead of schedule.

"We are all going through the roller coaster of emotions," said Gladys Berejiklian this morning.

"I don't want us to focus so much on the case numbers going up and down but the number we need to focus on is the vaccination rate. At 70 (percent vaccination) we can live more normally. You start to transition and treat it more like flu."

Later this week, the Premier said she would talk about additional freedoms during September and outline plans for schools.

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