• Tony Bosworth


"We anticipate that the worst month, the worst time for our intensive care unit will be in October," said Premier Gladys Berejiklian this morning as case numbers once again break records, putting added pressure on hospitals.

There are 840 people in hospital with COVID, 137 of those are in ICU, and 48 are on ventilators.

Hawkesbury numbers for the last 24 hours will come out soon but currently sit at 84 active cases of COVID. We'll update that when we get the latest numbers.

"The number of cases we have in intensive care will depend on our vaccination rate and also on the number of cases and we all have a hand in determining what that looks like and I cannot think enough the tens of thousands of people that are coming forward every single day in our state," said the Premier.

"We’re getting close to 900,000 jabs a week in NSW out of a population of eight million. That is outstanding," she said.

"Every day we get closer to hitting those vaccination targets means the pressure in our hospital system, on our ICU will decline over time and that is what we need to manage."

There have now been 6.8m vaccine jabs, which means nearly 75% of the population has had at least one dose.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard admitted the Pfizer vaccine was not "in abundant supply".

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