• Tony Bosworth

Masks no longer need to be worn in Hawkesbury shopping centres from midnight this Friday

Covid restrictions are being loosened from this midnight Friday thanks to no new community cases over the last 10 days, and that means you will no longer need to wear a mask in shops, but it is still recommended you do - it is not compulsory from Friday, though.

But public transport uses will still need to wear a mask, that is compulsory still.

There are also changes to how many people can visit your house - 30 guests max (including children).

Outdoor gatherings - 50 people in total.

Worship, corporate and hospitality venues - one person/4 square metre rule.

And you can sing indoors again – up to five people.

Weddings/funerals - up to 300 fully seated (one person/4 mtr rule). But no singing or dancing.

Smaller hospitality venues – up to 25 people

Masks recommended but NOT compulsory at retail shopping venues

Masks still COMPULSORY on public transport, in places of worship, at hairdressers, beauticians and gaming rooms and front-of-house hospitality staff.

If all tracks well in two weeks time, the 4 sq mtr rule will revert to one person/two square metre rule.

For more info go to Service NSW website or call 13 77 88.

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