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Man and dog escape from South Windsor house fire thanks to smoke alarm

A man has credited a working smoke alarm for saving him and his dog during a house fire this morning at South Windsor.

The alarm woke the 52-year-old man just after 7.30am as toxic smoke and flames began filling the small Church Street cottage.

He quickly gathered his dog and ran outside where he called Triple Zero (000).

Nine Fire and Rescue NSW trucks arrived at the property and extinguished the flames.

An overheating electrical device was found to be the cause of the blaze.

It melted and slowly consumed the carpet in the front bedroom before igniting a foam mattress nearby.

FRNSW Superintendent, Adam Dewberry, said fortunately the resident had ensured the smoke alarm outside his bedroom was in good working order.

"People need to understand that when you're asleep, so too is your sense of smell," Supt Dewberry said.

"The smell of smoke won't wake you and without an alarm, you can be overcome by poisonous carbon monoxide gas, which is odourless, colourless and tasteless, and you could die in your sleep."

The public is urged to check and maintain smoke alarms and if they are older than 10 years, replace them.

Residents can contact their local fire station and inquire about booking a 'Home Safety Visit.'

Fire crews can visit your home and carry out a safety inspection, replacing smoke alarms at no cost to residents.

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