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UPDATE - Major water leak in Windsor’s Thompson Square

Many homes and businesses in the centre of Windsor have had no water all day as Sydney Water investigates a major water leak near the Macquarie Arms where part of the pathway has collapsed, near to the major roadworks for the new bridge.

We’ll bring you more as this unfolds but Sydney Water have confirmed to the Post that they are investigating the issue, as well as attempting to work out exactly where the leak is coming from.

Removing asbestos from the old broken pipe

Specialists in white hazmat type suits were also on site this afternoon after it as suspected the broken pipe was partly made of asbestos. A Sydney Water spokesperson told us this would not be unusual given the age of the pipe.

We’ve also been told there is a similar water leak near the Windsor Court House. We’ve talked to Sydney Water about that one and they are looking into it.

Collapsed section of pavement at Thompson Square

Windsor businessman Darren Pead told us all businesses in the Mall were without water for much of the day, though some have had emergency water supplies connected to allow them to continue to stay open, he said, and Sydney Water told us at 4.20pm that the supply should be back on now.

Sydney Water have just given us this response:

“We responded to a water main break on George St, Windsor early this morning. Water supply has been turned off as our teams work to urgently repair the main.

"Water supply is expected to return late this afternoon. In the meantime, our teams have been working to set up temporary water supply for businesses in the area.

Sydney Water staff work to sort out the Windsor leak

"Sydney Water apologies to any customers who may have been impacted during these repairs. Sydney Water Customer Advocates have been on site to support affected customers. The safety of our people and customers is Sydney Water’s number one priority.”

Sydney Water’s spokesperson also told us they would investigate whether work on the new Windsor Bridge could have caused any issues leading to the pipe break.

All pics courtesy of Paul Caleo. Thanks for being there, Paul!

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