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Who's come to dinner - the mystery of the table and chairs on a Wilberforce family’s front lawn

Are you sitting comfortably? Well, then we’ll begin, with a true story about the sudden appearance of a table and chairs that have got one Wilberforce family and the whole community puzzled and searching for answers.

Back last Saturday morning, Nathaya Kyriacou woke up, walked through the lounge room of her family home and realised there was something outside on her front lawn that shouldn’t be there.

“There were five chairs facing my house next to the tree, on my lawn,” Nathaya told the Post.

“I thought, this is weird but then I thought maybe someone had ordered some chairs and they’d been delivered to the wrong place, so I left them there.”

But the following day, a glass-topped table appeared too.

“Whoever they are, had moved the table closer to the house and put the chairs closer to the table. There were McDonalds wrappers and empty coke cans, so they must have had a meal.”

Another three chairs had arrived by Monday morning.

By this time the Ebenezer and Wilberforce Facebook page was alight and stacked with comments. One even asked if “you keep your blinds open at night”.

And no, the Kyriacous don’t, so Nathaya reckoned it couldn’t be anything too sinister.

“I asked my neighbour, is this someone playing a prank,” said Nathaya.

“She did say she saw a white ute and a male and female and thought maybe it was us but then she thought about it and realised my husband doesn’t have blond hair.

“Come Monday, I thought no one is picking them up so I took five chairs – they are in perfect condition - and put them in our backyard.

“I went out for about three hours and came home to find another three chairs on the lawn."

The family didn’t hear or see a thing, and neither did the neighbours.

“I wasn’t too worried when the chairs first turned up because I thought they had just been delivered to the wrong house, but when the table arrived I did get a bit spooked for a moment and thought it was weird. It doesn’t make sense to me at all.

“Having lived here for only three years, so not having many family and friends around I just don’t think it’s a practical joke by someone I know, and even if it is, who’s getting a laugh out of it? It just doesn’t make any sense.

“Only thing I can think of is if there are maybe some guys renting around the area and having a bit of a laugh. I can’t figure out anything else logically at all.”

Certainly the unfolding mystery is engaging a lot of Facebook feedback. Nathaya’s, next door neighbour Jess is also none the wiser. She said, “the mystery continues..... There is now a table and what looks to be the remains of a yummy meal haha. Very stealth. I was home next door the whole night and none the wiser.”

Another person said, “I'm actually curious now how they're going to top that, what comes next.... umbrella? Stocked esky? Paddle pool perhaps? Whoever's doing this is value!”

Someone else asked, “was the cutlery placed together correctly?”

Nathaya, her husband and their two children are just taking each day as it comes – never quite sure what will next be revealed on their front lawn as they draw back the blinds.

“Some neighbours are asking me if they think they will deliver some cushions next.”

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