• Tony Bosworth

Locals around Windsor’s Governor Phillip Park fed up with hoons – police take action

Last night, Hawkesbury Police checked and breathalysed around 30 car club members near the Windsor Boat Ramp after reports some drivers at the organised car club meet from The Hills area were doing burn-outs.

It’s not the first time locals have had their weekends disturbed by drivers' unsociable behaviour in the park.

“This one seemed to be an organised car meet but this has been an ongoing issue for this area for several months and residents are reporting to local police at least once a week,” one resident who didn’t want their name revealed, told the Post.

A spokesman for Hawkesbury Police said officers were at the Windsor Boat Ramp area at 8.40pm on Sunday.

“The vehicles had travelled from The Hills Police Area Command area to the Hawkesbury area as part of an organised event involving a car club,” the senior officer told us.

“Given there had been reports of poor driver behaviour communicated through to Police from The Hills area, Hawkesbury Police set up a cordon and commenced inspecting vehicles and breath testing drivers. These vehicles left the area following inspections and breath tests.”

We will have more information on any infringements issued shortly.

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