• Tony Bosworth

Liberals and Les and The Doc break the rules by putting massive banners up across the Hawkesbury

If you’ve been out and about today you can hardly have missed the massive banners for the Liberal Party, and also those for Les and The Doc, encouraging voters to pick them at this Saturday’s polling day – but they are flouting election rules and appear to be breaking the law.

The signs are essentially illegal because the maximum allowable size is 0.8 square metres and these signs are much larger, which means Development Applications have to be lodged with Council before they can be put up, if at all.

It’s not the first time Liberals – who often like to be referred to as the party of law and order – have broken the rules, with current lead Liberal candidate Sarah Richards being issued with a Penalty Notice for $1500 for an oversized sign on Grose Vale Road just the day before the 2019 Federal election when she stood as Liberal candidate. We’re told by a high-ranking Liberal source that the Liberal Party paid that Council-imposed penalty.

Just some of the massive banners out there today in the Hawkesbury, and one attached here to a utilities pole too

There are also rules around where signs can and cannot be placed, and that means no signs on public, council or government property, or on utility or telegraph poles, for example.

That rule too appears to have been flouted, in some instances.

Several candidates are furious at the mushrooming signs, with one describing them as “grossly oversized” and they have contacted Hawkesbury Council to get them removed as a matter of urgency.

The Council’s General Manager, Elizabeth Richardson, sent a letter to all candidates, dated November 19, with a clear explanation of the rules, so every candidate knows their responsibilities.

We’ve asked the Council to let us know what is happening with enforcement of those rules, and we’ll let you know when we hear back from them.

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