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Late night shopping in Richmond this evening - Mother’s Day gifts, and help support local businesses

Just a reminder over 30 Richmond stores are open this evening until 8pm so you can not only browse for a Mother’s Day gift if you haven’t already, but you can also see what one of our main shopping areas has to offer.

It’s especially important to try and shop local at the moment, both to help local businesses recover from all the hits they’ve taken the last two years, but also to save you from all that fuel money you’ll burn if you travel and shop elsewhere.

Kathy Succar, who owns Zoe & Quinn on Richmond's Windsor St, puts it very well.

Zoe & Quinn is at 310 Windsor Street

“Small businesses are the heart of any community. They allow people to form connections and build relationships, they become not “just a shop” but a place to stop in and say hi, somewhere that is a mini escape from reality as you wander and forget about everything else.

“Small businesses remember who you are, they remember your name and your child’s name and the celebrations that are happening in your life.”

“If we don’t continue to shop locally and small we will lose these integral parts of our community, so next time you need a gift, shop local before you hit a large shopping centre because I promise they don’t go home and celebrate with their families how great the day was, and believe me, we do!”

Alongside the 32 businesses open this evening, market stalls are also organised and there’s also a raffle with donated prizes.

All the raffle money raised will be donated to our leading charity, Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands.

Here's the list and locations of all the shops open this evening:

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