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Jack Russell Rescue urgently seeking new home after 12 years and 2000 dogs saved

They’ve re-homed over 2000 Jack Russells of all shapes and sizes - including cross breeds – in the last 12 years, saving many of those dogs from a sorry end, and yet now the Jack Russell Rescue organisation itself is looking for a new home.

The owner of the land where the rescue home sits on Londonderry’s Northern Rd has given the group notice after 12 years, so they’re frantically searching for a new place to call home.

Jack Russell Rescue was started by Jill Clinch and Sandra Ferris back in 1993 – and with around 200 dogs a year re-homed that’s a massive 5600 pooches saved so far - and they’ve been at their present site just over a decade where they save and re-home abandoned Jack Russell terriers (JRT) and JRT cross-breeds who find themselves on death row pounds across Australia.

They’re urgently looking for a suitable property, preferably in the Hawkesbury, Penrith, Blacktown, or Hills areas.

“It's not an easy search for the right property," volunteer Vikki Ellings told the Post today.

Stewie is one of the Jack Russell Terriers patiently waiting for adoption at the Rescue home

“We need someone to live on site, not necessarily us, but for the security of the dogs. We need storage and a desk space. Secure runs or the posts to build them and some play yard space on grass. Jacks can escape and climb so it needs to be escape proof. We are happy to update to suit and do some work and we have all the necessary recognised charity status,” said Ms Ellings.

JRR works closely with the RSPCA and the Animal Welfare League.

“We don't know what our future holds if we can't find somewhere,” said Ms Ellings, and though they have a couple of possibilities they are chasing up, they are still very much on the hunt for somewhere suitable.

The current home in Londonderry which Jack Russell Rescue will soon have to leave

“We are hoping to find something at this stage. We have around 20 dogs currently,” said Ms Ellings.

The JRTs they take in come from a variety of places and situations, including pounds, surrenders from people who can no longer look after their dogs – often folks who are getting on in years – as well as welfare dogs, and even some who need extra training because they haven’t had the best starts in life, whether that be through neglect or poor treatment.

If you know of somewhere in our region that could work for Jack Russell Rescue, message them now via their Facebook page here.

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