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It’s social media for good – and it’s made by a mum in the Hawkesbury

What a great idea this is – just as we are being plunged into another four weeks of lock down, on top of the five weeks we’ve already endured - a South Windsor mum has launched a brilliant Facebook page called Hawkesbury Local Lockdown Inspiration.

It went live yesterday and already has close to a thousand followers and is a beacon of light in a dark time many of us find ourselves in, often cut off from family and friends, trying to work from home, and even juggling the kids, and sometimes really struggling to cope with the lockdown limitations.

“The main reason I started the group was so people in the community had a friendly place to share the things that have kept them going through the lockdown,” founder Michelle Bowick told the Post this evening.

“I thought we could all benefit from a group in which we can share anything we feel would be helpful to another person.

“We encourage people to share any random acts of kindness they have experienced during lockdown.”

It really is a great site – it’s bright and it’s breezy and there’s a good vibe to it.

The page features everything from ways to keep yourself occupied, random acts of kindness, suggestions on how to keep in touch with people, local businesses who can tell locals about their services in lockdown, to uplifting and beautiful pictures of nature, and videos about how to make simple pasta dishes, how to keep your kids busy - and it’s growing all the time with more and more member posts.

It’s one of the brightest things you’ll see on social media.

“We want to cheer everyone up during this crazy time and offer hope to the people that really need it, we want to let people know about what supports and resources are available, and maybe have a laugh along the way,” said Michelle who is a full-time carer to her disabled son.

“We also want to support as many local businesses safely that we can. There are no limits to businesses posting or sharing lockdown deals. I had noticed some groups restrict these posts and sometimes delete them.

“We hope to continue to grow and hope to inspire the community and spread positivity during lockdown. I’ve been blown away with people reaching out to me and showing support on the page,” says Michelle.

The beauty of the page is just that – it is a beautiful approach to a challenging period in everyone’s life at the moment.

Take time to browse through the posts, check out the ideas, the positivity, and the humour and you will find it is an uplifting experience. It’s truly social media for good, and it’s helping the Hawkesbury to come together and support each other.

You can find the page here.

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