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Morning folks, hope you're all enjoying the weekend.

More and more people are reading the Hawkesbury Post’s independent, balanced and fair journalism. Since we started less than six months ago hundreds of subscribers and almost 800 Facebook followers - and counting - have signed up for our free breaking news and features, and the numbers grow by the day.

It’s a great start and we’re humbled by the positive reaction to our new online publication.

Why did we decide to start Hawkesbury Post? Well, we’re trained journalists but we also live in the Hawkesbury and we didn’t feel residents were getting the breadth of news they deserved.

We’d seen too many stories missed by other media outlets. We were fed up with media releases being printed word for word, sometimes with glaring mistakes (we’ve spotted and called out several mistakes in media releases over the last four months and investigated to get the facts – but those releases were published verbatim in other publications).

We write balanced journalism. We check facts. We don’t publish gossip, innuendo or fake news.

We also want to fund Hawkesbury Post a little differently from the tired old media model that relies on advertising.

If you can spare even $5 or $10 a month, or a one-off donation, you'll be helping keep us in business to bring you the news as it happens, plus in-depth investigations and features about the Hawkesbury.

We are never going to put up a paywall, like News Corp and Fairfax. If you live in an area where News Corp publishes a local paper or online you can’t access any local stories without paying for them – we think that’s plain wrong.

We’ve chosen a model that means our reporting is open to everyone, funded by those readers who can support it, for all readers.

This support will continue to fuel our editorial independence, and ensures we continue to shed light where others can’t or won’t. There is no story we will not cover as long as it’s newsworthy.

So, supporting us with a one-off contribution of any size, or a recurring monthly donation, makes a big difference and means we can keep working to bring you the Hawkesbury’s news as it happens.

Every contribution, whether big or small, means we can keep doing the work we do. And it only takes a minute.

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