• Tony Bosworth

Hawkesbury RFS HQ broken into for third time in two years

Hawkesbury Headquarters Rural Fire Brigade at Bligh Park was broken into again this last weekend - the third time in two years.

“The first time we had nearly $10,000 worth of equipment and tools taken from our shipping container which is locked inside our compound,” said Ramona Oldenmenger, Operational Officer at Blue Mountains Fire Control.

“The second time we had all four wheels stolen off our training vehicle, which thanks to a lovely donation we have had replaced.”

The most recent break in was sometime between 6.30pm and 7.30pm on Saturday when the following items were stolen – a Victa lawnmower, two amplifiers, a converter and a crate of fittings, and several tools.

“A lot of these items have been purchased with the hard earned fundraised money that the members have given their time to raise,” Ms Oldenmenger said.

“Even with the insurance cover, we have yet to see a lot of these items be replaced.”

If you saw anything suspicious around the Headquarters on Saturday, or anyone hanging around in the week before, contact Windsor Police Station.

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