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Hawkesbury restrictions eased but masks still to be worn on public transport, or when singing...

It’s been over a month since there was a locally transmitted Covid case in NSW so from midnight tonight – Thursday – restrictions will be easing in the Hawkesbury.

From 12.01am on Friday morning these are the new more relaxed conditions, though some mask-wearing will still apply:

· 50 visitors will be allowed at homes

· Up to 30 people can dance at weddings

· Gym classes can be up to 50 people, subject to the four square metre rule

· Singing will be allowed in places of worship, providing masks are worn and subject to the four square metre rule

· 30 performers can sing indoors, subject to physical distancing requirements

· Cinemas will be able to be fully open and be 100 per cent full.

If you are travelling on public transport or using a taxi or a ride-share service such as Uber, or you are on a flight, you do still have to wear a mask – they are mandatory and you could face a $200 fine if you don’t comply with the law.

NSW Health stress that while household gathering restrictions are being eased, people are urged to remember Covid-19 can be transmitted more easily in crowded indoor settings.

“If holding gatherings at home, please use outdoor settings and well-ventilated spaces where available and avoid overcrowding to reduce the risk of COVID transmission,” a spokesperson for NSW Health said.

“Don’t attend these types of events if you have Covid-19 symptoms – instead get tested immediately and self-isolate until you receive a negative result.”

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