• Tony Bosworth

Hawkesbury Council aims for net zero emissions by 2050, with large community reductions by 2028

Hawkesbury Council aims to be a net zero emissions organisation within 30 years and would like to see the community cut its emissions by 25 per cent within the next seven years.

There are hefty targets for community emissions reductions and water savings, as part of a whole host of strategies outlined in the Draft Net Zero Emissions and Water Efficiency Strategy document which has just been released for public consultation.

Here are the planned emissions reductions:

Council operations

  • Net Zero Emissions by 2030 or earlier

  • No net increase in potable water use (Sydney Water Mains)

  • All non-potable water demand to be serviced using recycled water

The Hawkesbury community

  • 25% reduction in emissions relative to FY2016/2017 baseline by 2028

  • 60% reduction in emissions relative to FY2016/2017 baseline by 2036

  • Net Zero Emissions by 2050 through strategies and carbon offsets

  • No net increase in water use relative to FY2016/2017 baseline by 2028

  • Under 5% increase in water use relative to FY2016/2017 baseline by 2036

  • Under 25% increase in water use relative to FY2016/2017 baseline by 2050

Here are the six strategies the council is focussing on in the Strategy to get us all to a net zero resilient Hawkesbury:

· A more resilient and renewable powered grid

· Greener suburbs and better design

· Low carbon and local transport

· Towards a zero-waste community

· Drought resilient, green centres

· Council leading by example

Wind, solar, planting trees and saving water are all strategies to be considered

The Draft Strategy outlines the plan to guide Council, and the community, to cut emissions and water reductions across Council’s operations and the broader local government area.

The idea is the Draft Strategy will give a framework to deliver a climate resilient community with economic benefits for Council and the community through decreased operational costs and environmental benefits.

And to make this happen, not only does the council needs collaboration and coordination across its own organisation, the success depends on the broader community of residents, businesses and government agencies all acting together.

And that’s where ratepayers and local groups and businesses have the opportunity to put their views forward on the Strategy – with feedback and suggestions - until February 15.

The Draft Strategy is available for view and comment on Council’s website www.hawkesbury.nsw.go.au via the Have Your say tab or the link www.yourhawkesbury-yoursay.com.au and at Council’s Administration Building, 366 George Street, Windsor until Monday, February 15, 2021. Standard opening hours of Council’s Administration Building are 9am to 4pm but please refer to Council’s Christmas/New Year hours of operation on Council’s website www.hawkesbury.nsw.go.au during the Christmas period.

If you would like to make a submission, quote Reference: Draft Net Zero Emissions and Water Efficiency Strategy. Submissions may be made in writing, addressed to the General Manager, Hawkesbury City Council, PO Box 146, Windsor NSW 2756, or by email to council@hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au or by completing an online submission via Your Hawkesbury Your Say up to close of business on Monday, 15 February 2021. Council will consider all submissions received at a subsequent council meeting.

Should you lodge a submission, it will be considered, along with any other submissions received and may be included in the council’s meeting business paper. Your submission, including any personal information, is accessible by any person upon written application, subject to Council’s Privacy Management Plan and the GIPA Act. The inclusion of personal information in your submission is voluntary but, if not provided, may affect consideration of the submission. The information will ultimately be stored in Council’s records system.

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