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Hawkesbury cases rise to 44 - plus neighbouring LGA numbers

NSW Health has updated the numbers of COVID cases this evening - numbers recorded up to 8pm on Saturday - and they are now showing a total of 44 active COVID cases in the Hawkesbury, so an increase of 6 over the previous 24-hour period.

We've had a few readers ask if it's possible to narrow down specifically where the cases are and which 'venues' - as NSW Health put it - they have visited. The short answer is, no.

NSW no longer list 'venues of concern' unless they are major - what they call hotspots - or unless they are in regional NSW where cases are rising fairly quickly

You can drill down to postcode level on Hawkesbury but we don't use that because it's not fully reflective of the numbers. As a quick example - Maroota is under the Windsor postcode but it's in Hills Shire local government area, so it skews the numbers, not least because Hills has higher COVID numbers than Hawkesbury.

Here are the current active cases in neighbouring LGAs:

Blacktown has 1291 active cases

Penrith has 686 active cases

Hills Shire has 102 active cases

Central Coast 33

Blue Mountains sits at 18

Lithgow - 3 active cases

More as we get it, of course, and we'll have a full update as usual tomorrow.

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