• Tony Bosworth

Get out this Sunday and take part in Clean Up Australia Day

Hawkesbury residents have done some really heavy lifting the last four years, with 30,000kg – or 30 tonnes - of litter removed in the previous four Clean Up Australia Day events.

This Sunday it’s on again. To get officially involved, you need to register at www.cleanup.org.au – so get in quick.

But you can also get out and about in groups, even by yourself - and help keep the Hawkesbury beautiful by simply picking up and binning rubbish.

During the Covid pandemic there has unfortunately been a surge in single use disposable items, including takeaway coffee cups, food packaging, face masks and sanitised wipes, so it’s even more important to play a clean-up role this year.

There are 27 official clean-up sites registered in the Hawkesbury – that’s 15 community sites, 11 school and youth sites, and one business site.

Clean Up Australia Ltd. has introduced Covid-safe clean-up kits that include gloves, bags and hand sanitiser which will be provided to each volunteer to ensure no materials are shared, minimising the risk of any potential Covid spread.

Site Supervisors will have the QR code form so that volunteers can scan to sign-in to the site on the day to help with contact tracing. Volunteers will also be split into groups of 10 to adhere with social distancing protocols.

To get all the details on Clean Up Australia Day, visit www.cleanup.org.au or call 1300 665 310.

And if you can’t get to join a group – or there simply isn’t one near you – get out there anyway and pick up any litter you can find. We can all make a difference to keep the Hawkesbury litter free.

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