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Full scale emergency at Richmond RAAF – but don’t panic, it’s just a drill

Updated: 3 days ago

A RAAF Hercules aircraft "on fire" and with “catastrophic engine failure” will be making an emergency landing at Richmond base on Wednesday in a major exercise for emergency personnel, including on base and NSW emergency services.

Don’t worry – it’s all a simulation and part of a major training activity to make sure the base's emergency response is ready should the worst ever happen.

The RAAF tell us, “this is a training activity and there is no threat or danger to our people or aircraft coming into land during a full-scale emergency exercise which will be conducted at RAAF Base Richmond, in a vital test of Air Force emergency services.”

The training exercise will be between 9am and 2pm Wednesday, so if you’re driving by the base and see a lot of activity, don’t panic, just carry on.

“Air Force regularly conducts situational emergency training to continue to develop the skills of our highly trained personnel,” a RAAF spokesperson told the Post.

Picture courtesy Defence, by Corporal Brandon Grey

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