• Tony Bosworth

From the Editor – Facebook, we will not be silenced

As you may know, Facebook has decided to block news stories from news sites like Hawkesbury Post on its pages in its ongoing stoush with the Australian government who are trying to get fair payment for the work journalists do.

Ironically it is highly unlikely Hawkesbury Post will benefit in any way, shape or form if the government is successful in its moves because they are trying to help the big media groups - not independents.

For us, Facebook is perhaps best described as a necessary evil. When we post news stories we usually share them on FB which leads to some readers then visiting our website to read the full story. The numbers who do that are not actually that big, but when you’re trying to build a new independent and professional news site, it all helps.

If we get blacked out on FB, there is a simple answer – if you value independent news and features just go to our website and sign up – it’s free – and that means you will get email alerts every time we post a new story.

How do we fund ourselves? Well, not through Facebook, that’s for sure.

Our model is similar to the Guardian – if you want to support our journalism then please consider a donation – either a one-off or a monthly amount. It doesn’t have to be lots of your hard-earned, every little helps keep us afloat and lets us continue to do the work we love.

It’s also work we think is important, especially when there is so much disinformation out there – much of it spread on Facebook.

If you have any questions, email me on tony@hawkesburypost.com.au and thanks for your continued support.

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