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Lockdown has been extended until the end of September. Tighter restrictions announced this morning by the Premier as 642 new NSW cases announced.

Six more cases in the Hawkesbury taking the total to 28 known cases, with 15 of those from unknown sources.

In LGAs of concern - which currently does not include the Hawkesbury - a curfew will come into force at midnight, first thing Monday. From 9pm to 5am you will not be allowed to leave your home in those LGAs.

Also from Monday - and this does include the Hawkesbury - you must wear a mask whenever you are outdoors, except for exercise.

Here is the Premier this morning on masks - "Our concern is that when people are walking past a group of people or accidentally bumping into people that can cause that fleeting contact can cause transmission, and even when you’re exercising, you need to have the mask unless you’re doing some strenuous exercise.

"I also want to stress that from Monday midnight, unless you’re exercising masks should be worn outdoors everywhere across New South Wales.

"And you happen to come into contact with anybody else the mask needs to be put on your face.

"And this also for police, it makes it easy for them to make sure that everybody is sticking to the rules so this mask-wearing outdoors unless you’re exercising.

"This applies to every single citizen across New South Wales, whether you live in Sydney, whether you live in the bush, everybody has to respect that rule."

We'll add to this as we get more...

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