• Tony Bosworth

Former high-ranking outlaw motorcycle gang member in court today following vehicle stop in Windsor

A former high-ranking member of an outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) will appear in Hornsby court today after he was allegedly caught drug-driving in Windsor back in February.

At 6.15pm on Friday February 19, officers from

Parramatta Traffic and Highway Patrol Command stopped a white Nissan ute on Macquarie Street at Windsor and spoke with the driver, a 30-year-old man.

Officers issued the driver with a defect notice relating to the vehicle’s battery, before he was breath tested then subjected to an oral fluid test, allegedly returning a positive result.

He was arrested and taken to Windsor Police Station, where he underwent a secondary test and was prohibited from driving for 24-hours.

Following inquiries, police attended a home at Bligh Park about 8.30pm on Monday April 19 and issued the man with a Court Attendance Notice for the offence of drive vehicle illicit drug present in blood.

He is due to appear at Hornsby Local Court today - Thursday.

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