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Forget about London – hot new single and sizzling video from singer songwriter Imogen Clark

One of the Hawkesbury’s favourite singer songwriters has turned a big corner with her latest single, lopping off what she calls “her Disney princess” tresses on screen and getting more than a little bit raunchy with it.

The new single Forget About London is from Ms Clark’s upcoming EP and came about after a passionate pre-pandemic love affair in the UK with “the guy who led me on and broke my heart".

It’s definitely a time of change for the Hawkesbury singer and songwriter and ex-Colo High student.

“After years of being too scared to get a real haircut, I had two-thirds of my Disney princess hair lopped off on camera, and I’ve never felt better,” she says.

She's also involved in some sizzling scenes in the video.

Turning the heat up...

“I wrote this song with the amazing Eilish Gilligan in Melbourne - listen out for her backing vocals on the track - trying to shake the ghosts of a brief, intense pre-pandemic love affair in the UK that crashed and burned but wouldn’t leave my mind.

“I brought this dark cloud into the studio and Eilish and I decided to dip into our mutual love of Taylor Swift, the queen of the break-up banger, and try to write a cathartic pop song that would get all these feelings about the guy who led me on and broke my heart out of my head and into a song I could sing at the top of my lungs every night on tour.”

Behind the scenes filming the new video...

She started recording the song in an LA studio with producer Mike Bloom just before Covid swept through the world last year.

“That was where the true British rock legend and ex-Londoner Pete Thomas – ex-Elvis Costello and the Attractions/Imposters - fell in love with the song and came up with that amazing drum part that anchors the track,” Ms Clark says.

“I think it was his way of going above and beyond to make up for all that I’d been through in his home country.

“I can’t wait to get back to London next year sometime and see how the locals there react to this song!

“I really tried to challenge myself on this new music, so there are a bunch of firsts for me which you’ll soon discover, starting with the amazing sax solo from Sylvain Carton on this track. Working with him to nail that in the studio was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.”

Imogen will be on the road in Australia in the coming months.

“First off, I’ll be heading around my home state of NSW, getting to a bunch of regional spots I don’t always get to play for some super fun solo shows.

“Then in May, I’m doing something super special - a residency at one of my favourite places to play or just hang, Sydney’s Low 302 in Surry Hills (where we filmed my video for The Making of Me last year). Each Tuesday I’ll be moving between acoustic, electric and piano, playing a different set with a different theme and having some special surprise guests join me.”

All the shows below are on sale now.

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