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FLOOD WATCH- 11.09am BOM alert – Minor flooding for Hawkesbury, Colo and Macdonald rivers - Dam full

With rain continuing to fall across the Hawkesbury, and further north flowing into Warragamba Dam catchment area, the weather system is expected to cause flooding for the catchments listed, says the Bureau of Meteorology this morning.

BOM says river catchments likely to be affected include: Hawkesbury and Lower Nepean Rivers - minor flooding Colo River - minor flooding

Macdonald River – minor flooding

“A trough of low pressure brought rain and thunderstorms across the state on Friday, with further rainfall expected in the northeast on Saturday,” says BOM.

“Spills from Warragamba Dam may produce river rises to minor flood level in the Hawkesbury Nepean River,” they say.

Warragamba Dam is at 100% full this morning.

WaterNSW has been letting water out of the Dam for several weeks and that ultimately flows into the Hawkesbury Nepean river network.

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