• Tony Bosworth

Flood Update – Sunday am – Windsor Bridge closed, evac centres open, many evacuated

Gov Phillip Park and rising river at 7.15am this morning, pic courtesy of Cllr Emma-Jane Garrow

Morning everyone, here’s a quick round-up of what we know so far.

Windsor Bridge – the new one of course – was closed around 6.18 this morning. Currently – 7.30am – it is still above water, but not by that much.

A reminder - Richmond Bridge was closed last night.

Evacuations of people have been going on since the early hours with people told to evacuate from low lying areas of North Richmond around 4 hours ago, and Pitt Town North area around 3-hours ago, and more recently Freemans Reach folks in the Cornwallis area need to have evacuated by 9am.

Evacuation centres have been opened on both sides of the river – in Richmond the Richmond Club has opened its doors, and on the other side North Richmond community Centre at William Street is open.

Meanwhile of course it is still raining and Warragamba Dam is full and spilling water which runs into the Nepean and Hawkesbury rivers.

We’ll keep updating as we get more – but do also check out our Facebook page because we’ll update there are things develop, and then do regular roundups here on the website.

Take care everyone.

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