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Flood Relief Concert last-minute artist changes - no Eurogliders, yes to Choirboys & Coverpalooza

Victorian COVID-19 restrictions have meant a reshuffle of the line-up of Aussie rock royalty that will perform at the Richmond Club Supports Hawkesbury Flood Relief Concert on Sunday in Windsor.

Unfortunately, The Eurogliders, Jason Singh from Taxiride and Kate DeAraugo are unable to perform due to COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria.

Shannon Noll, Dragon, Thirsty Merc, Imogen Clark, Lachy Doley Group, Rose Carleo Band and Lizard will still perform, and the audience will now enjoy the full Choirboys group, rather than solely Mark Gable, and Coverpalooza will perform, along with Dave Wilkins and Friends.

Ian “Dicko” Dickson and “The Duck” will host the event, with organisers ensuring all profits from ticket sales, sponsorship and donations go to those affected by the floods.

VIP tickets are sold out, but there are plenty of General Admission tickets left, which will ensure you a great afternoon and evening of entertainment.

Held in Governor Phillip Park, performers and audience members will be beside the beautiful Hawkesbury River that caused so much destruction only months earlier.

Organisers Dave Wilkins and Jarryd Faint, of Dinner By The River, want to help their fellow Hawkesbury residents who have suffered bushfires, COVID-19 effects and now the one-in-50-year flood.

“It’s really exciting with all the staging and fencing in place, and it looks like the weekend is going to turn on some great weather,” Dave said.

“We’re excited to be able to now offer one of Australia’s favourite acts, The Choirboys, and, as well as raising much-needed funds for flood victims, this event is going to be great for the mental wellbeing of everyone as they will be singing and dancing to their favourite songs in the sunshine.

“The way the local community has gotten behind this event is overwhelming. The Hawkesbury region has been smashed in the last 16 months, with bushfires, a flood, COVID-19 then a 50-year flood; people are starting to lose hope. This is just a small way that we can help but a positive step forward so we are going at 100 miles an hour to create a fun event that brings smiles to people’s faces whilst raising much-needed support for those affected by the recent flooding.

“We would really like to thank the Hawkesbury City Council for their support in clearing the way to help make this event a reality, we would also like to thanks the act, managers and agents for their swift responses to my calls for help.”

Hawkesbury City Council and Hawkesbury Police LAC are supporting the Hawkesbury Flood Relief Concert with all the profits from ticket sales, sponsorship and donations given to Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) to allocate to those who have been impacted.

Organisers brought Rotary on board to ensure the money went to those directly affected by the floods, following the issues that were associated with the distribution of funds from some bushfire relief efforts.

Rotary CEO Andrew Woodward confirmed that all available funds raised from the concert will be directed to the community using the Rotary clubs in the region and using their proven track record of supporting disaster affected communities, including transparent allocation of where the funds will be going and who the funds are going to help.

Dinner By The River is also going to give up to 500 tickets to those affected by flooding in the Hawkesbury area. So if you were directly affected, or part of the Hawkesbury SES, RFS or first responders, please log onto www.dinnerbytheriver.com for details.

Dave and Jarryd are ensuring full transparency and will be paying the artists, crew and suppliers, as the entertainment and event industry has been crippled by COVID-19 shutdowns. In this way, the event will also breathe life into these industries.

“The music industry has come to the rescue once again, with everyone involved being generous in the spirit of the event,” Dave said.

The event will follow NSW health guidelines and COVID-19 regulations.

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