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Flood enquiry fully booked – poorly advertised event sees no slots still open for local residents

An extremely poorly organised visit to our flood-affected region by the NSW Upper House Select Committee on the Response to Major Flooding across New South Wales in 2022 has seen all public speaking spots booked out.

The Select Committee is holding public forums across NSW flood-affected areas but they only announced yesterday that they were holding an event at Windsor RSL.

Local media were not informed about the event – it seems a media release did go out today to some media outlets, a mere day before the event - and perhaps not surprisingly all public speaking spots are already filled, though how people found out about it is beyond us.

At Ballina, where a similar event was held this last Monday – one of the northern state areas most affected by flooding – there were only 5 speakers booked in.

The idea was to register your interest to speak about your experiences.

MP Susan Templeman will be speaking at the Windsor RSL event, which is on at 4pm tomorrow – Friday.

It will be very interesting to see who else made the cut.

The Select Committee is travelling to the North Coast and Western Sydney to hear from those directly affected by the recent major flooding.

The committee has held or will be holding public forums in the following locations: - Ballina/Byron - 4.30 pm, Monday 30 May 2022, Ballina RSL Club - Lismore - 6.45 pm, Tuesday 31 May 2022, Lismore Workers Sports Club - Murwillumbah/Tweed - 3.15 pm, Wednesday 1 June 2022, Murwillumbah Services Club - Richmond/Windsor - 4.00 pm, Friday 3 June 2022, Windsor RSL Club

At these public forums, the committee said they would like to hear from local residents, businesses and community groups who have been affected by the major floods and are willing to share their story – but that’s a bit hard with the short notice and small number of speaking spots.

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