• Tony Bosworth

First Aussie vaccinated is a patient at Windsor

Mrs Jane Malysiak, a patient at MyHealth Kable Street in Windsor, is the first Australian to receive the Covid vaccine.

Mrs Malysiak, who lives in Marayong, received the vaccine on February 21 alongside the Prime Minister at Castle Hill.

Mrs Malysiak is treated by doctors at MyHealth Kable Street and Local Partner Dr Iwona Mrowka.

“I watched Mrs Malysiak being interviewed on television this morning and she is a wonderful advocate,” said MP Susan Templeman this morning.

“She will provide real reassurance to older people in our community about getting the vaccine.

“We do want to see the most vulnerable people getting the vaccine, and Mrs Malysiak really is a wonderful example to lead the way.

“It’s also really encouraging to see our local health professionals encouraging vaccination alongside the continued operation of our local GP respiratory clinic.”

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