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Final Macquarie Federal election candidates and their positions on the ballot paper – 8 vying for MP

Eight candidates have been officially announced for Macquarie in the upcoming Federal election on May 21, with One Nation’s Tony Pettitt in number 1 position on the ballot paper, followed by sitting MP, Labor’s Susan Templeman, with aspiring Liberal candidate and current Hawkesbury councillor Sarah Richards placed last on the ballot paper.

The positions are decided one by one by numbered balls being picked out of "a container large enough for all the balls to move freely when it is rotated," says the Australian Electoral Commission.

The other Hawkesbury councillor who was due to stand – the small Business Party’s Eddie Dogramaci, who was intending to stand either as a Katter’s Australian Party candidate, or an independent, failed to make the cut.

Cllr Dogramaci told the Post, KAP had promised to endorse him but he fell 19 short of the 100 signatures, which is one hurdle required to stand as a candidate.

Here’s the full list in ballot paper order:

1. Tony Pettitt – One Nation

2. Susan Templeman – Labor

3. Nicole Evans – United Australia Party

4. James Jackson – Liberal Democrats

5. Greg Keightley – Animal Justice Party

6. Tony Hickey – the Greens

7. Michelle Palmer – Informed Medical Options

8. Sarah Richards – Liberal

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