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Farmers - free flood recovery workshop focused on pasture and fodder

If you are one of the many Hawkesbury farmers impacted by the floods, here’s a really good free workshop well worth going along to this next Thursday, April 15 in Richmond.

Local Land Services is hosting the event which will focus on pasture recovery and fodder options, led by Technical Specialist in pastures and forage and former NSW DPI District Agronomist, Neil Griffiths.

Go along and you will hear expert advice and insight into all aspects of pasture recovery and livestock feed options, post flood.

Topics covered on the day will include:

• pastures that might survive a flood

• differences between spring, summer, autumn and winter floods

• replanting- how, when and what to plant?

• how to sow- seeding rates and fertiliser

• weeds after a flood

• cautions for pasture improvement

• using and buying hay or silage after a flood

An interactive event featuring a flood paddock walk and opportunities for questions and discussion - the workshop is open to landholders, industry and community members impacted by the flood emergency.

The workshop will be held at the Greater Sydney Local Land Services Demonstration Farm, 40 Edwards Rd, Richmond Lowlands.

Cost is free but registration is essential.

Register online via http://bit.ly/GS21FRP

This project is supported by Greater Sydney Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program.

Contact Richard Stephens on 0436 803 337 for more information.

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