• Tony Bosworth

F35 Lightning fighter jets coming into land at RAAF Richmond

Royal Australian Air Force F-35A Lightning II pilots from No. 2 Operational Conversion Unit will be practicing take off and landing into RAAF Richmond this Friday from 10am to midday.

The pilots – there will be three aircraft –will be practicing what they call diversion training which sees aircraft which normally fly out of other airfields practice take offs and landing at Richmond.

The supersonic jets will also be landing and taking off on Monday, same times.

F35 Lightning II fighter planes on patrol over Australia

So if you want to get a look at a state-of-the-art flying machine, watch out for them from Friday morning.

Not too surprisingly, the F35 is said to be the most expensive weapon system ever built, at around $90million per plane, and Australia has ordered 72, all of which will be here by 2023.

Currently we have 33 flying our skies. The government committed to buying $15.5billion worth of these potent machines.

Worth a look then.

Pics courtesy of Defence, taken by Cpl Craig Barrett, (main picture) and LAC Adam Abela

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