• Tony Bosworth

F35 Lightning fighter jets at RAAF Richmond on Monday...

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Sometimes they don't turn up, other times they do, but all we can tell you for sure is this Monday, the Defence Department are planning on two F35A Lightning II supersonic fighter jets carrying out take-off and landing at Richmond RAAF base.

“Please note that this is a training activity,” says a spokesperson for the Defence Department, “not a scheduled flypast or display, and will proceed at the unit’s discretion, when conditions are best suited to meeting their capability objectives.”

The planes will be overhead and coming in to land between 9:30–11:30am.

"This training is currently programmed to involve up to two aircraft conducting circuits into RAAF Base Richmond, before departing to return to RAAF Base Williamtown," said a Defence spokesperson today.

Diversion training is an essential part of training on fast jet aircraft to enable pilots to land at different airfields.

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