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Extremely hot weather on the way for weekend and Australia Day…

The Bureau of Meteorology is taking the fairly unusual step of holding a joint media conference this morning in Sydney with NSW Health and Surf Life Saving NSW to warn about what they call Heatwave Conditions which are set to impact most of NSW and ACT tomorrow, through the weekend and into Australia Day.

We will have a journalist at that media conference so we’ll bring you some more specifics for the Hawkesbury just after midday, but the gist is, a hot airmass will be drawn across western and southern New South Wales from Friday, leading to heatwave conditions.

By Friday, daytime temperatures throughout the state are expected to be well above average. “As the heatwave progresses, some locations are expected to hit temperatures into the 40s. Hot conditions are predicted to peak Sunday into Monday,” a BOM spokesperson said earlier this morning.

The public is urged to closely monitor Fire Danger Warnings and weather updates over coming days.

As we say, more later…and we’ll keep you updated as things warm up.

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