• Tony Bosworth

Exploding oil drums greet Fire teams from Windsor, Richmond and RFS at Agnes Banks building fire

Richmond Fire and Rescue along with Windsor F&R and local RFS crews were called into action just before 8am Tuesday to a building fire – a large farm shed - at Agnes Banks where oil drums were exploding.

Richmond’s Pump 82 was first on the scene and fire-fighters reported a column of dark smoke could be seen coming from the back of farmland.

When they arrived the shed was engulfed in flames and oil drums were exploding.

Richmond 82 and Windsor 81 worked together to control the fire alongside the RFS.

Police have told us just now - Wednesday 1pm - that the owner called triple-zero after hearing a loud noise and finding the property alight. The barn had no walls as such, just a roof.

Flammable material in amongst the produce could have got the fire going, Police told us and "the ignition method was not established at the scene".

Police are not treating the fire as suspicious at this moment and say they can’t discount the possibility that embers from pile burning on another property may have started the fire.

A spokesman for Richmond Fire and Rescue said, “all crews worked great together and were able to control and extinguish the fire. Once back at the station, our crew hung our hoses up to dry, cleaned and replaced all our gear ready for the next task. We even gave our pump a wash.”

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