• Tony Bosworth

Exploding machinery at Vineyard gives man burns to his whole body – condition critical

A 51-year-old-man working at a worksite in Vineyard has serious burns to his whole body after the machinery he was operating exploded at midday today - Thursday.

The man’s colleagues provided first aid and alerted emergency services.

CareFlight’s Rapid Response Helicopter was tasked by NSW Ambulance shortly before 12:00pm and landed 10 minutes later in a next door property.

The clinical team made their way to the scene of the incident where NSW Ambulance paramedics were treating the man for burns, while teams from Fire and Rescue NSW and the RFS worked to put out the flames.

CareFlight’s specialist doctor and NSW Ambulance critical care paramedic performed a clinical assessment on the patient and treated his burns.

They gave pain relief and intubated the patient, placing him in an induced coma to stabilise his condition. The man was helicoptered to Royal North Shore Hospital under ongoing treatment from CareFlight’s clinical team in a critical condition.

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