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Eat Art – a feast for the senses at Hawkesbury Regional Art Gallery

The Eat Art exhibition now on at the Windsor Art Gallery showcases artists using food to reveal something – personal, cultural, or philosophical.

All of the art works offer us a new way of looking at the commonplace around us. Through arranging and capturing food in paint, clay, or other mediums – these art objects describe life beyond the ordinary.

The ceramic food recreations by artist Mechelle Bounpraseuth reveal every day Australian life with soy or fish sauce, along with iconic Australian condiments like Heinz tomato sauce and Vegemite.

Kenny Pittocks’ artwork uses humour to alter ordinary food with a twist. His food sculptures look fun and edible, including the delicious and irreverent Cadbury Favourites.

Meanwhile, Dawn Tan’s beautiful donuts conjure up shared childhood memories, and then there are Cath Barcan’s striking photographs of mundane lettuce wrapped in cling. This cleverly contrasts with Chilly Philly’s fun crocheted food hats and Chrissy Flanagan’s knitted sausages that are likely to make you smile.

You will likely be captivated by the cake paintings by Lucy Culliton that drip with sickly shining icing, oozing with whipped cream that will make you feel like you can almost pluck them off the canvas. The 2020 Archibald finalist, Lucy says, “I’m a realist; I like things to look real. If I’m painting food, I want you to know if it’s red sauce, its red sauce. It has to be the right shiny red.”

Eat Art features artists Marian Abboud, Cath Barcan, Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Lucy Culliton, Phil Ferguson, Chrissy Flanagan, Kenny Pittock, Ben Tankard, and Dawn Tan.

The free exhibition runs until Sunday, 31 January 2021 at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, 1st Floor Deerubbin Centre, 300 George Street, Windsor. For opening hours and more details visit www.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au/gallery or call 4560 4441.

Pic - Aussie Foods by Dawn Tan

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