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Eased restrictions on Hawkesbury construction and tradies from Saturday

We thought we’d share the latest NSW Health rules around construction and how tradies can work from Saturday, July 31.

There has been a fair amount of confusion out there, which has prompted NSW Health to put this information together today, and it is much clearer than previously.

So, beginning Saturday, the pause on construction will be lifted in Greater Sydney – which includes the Hawkesbury.

In the eight locked down LGAs (which does not include the Hawkesbury), construction cannot take place unless the work is “urgently required for limited purposes”.

Also from Saturday, “prescribed work” – such as cleaning, repairs, maintenance, alterations and additions to buildings, and trade work, including gardening and landscaping – can be carried out in the Hawkesbury.

But, no more than two workers can visit a residence at the same time (whether or not the workers are carrying out prescribed work or other work), or five persons if they are all outside.

No person, other than a worker, can be in the same room when the worker is carrying out the work.

Single person bubble explained...

Also from Saturday, and separate from the construction/tradie situation, a single-person ‘bubble’ will begin in which a person who lives with no other adult can nominate a visitor who is permitted to visit the single person at their residence, and/or travel with the person for exercise/outdoor recreation.

Both people would be exempt from the current car-pooling prohibition and they do not have to wear a mask when doing so.

If the single person lives in Greater Sydney (which includes the Hawkesbury) - the nominated visitor must also be living in Greater Sydney but cannot live in one of the eight LGAs.

A nominated visitor of a single person must be someone who has not been nominated as another person’s nominated visitor.

Single people cannot change who their nominated visitor is.

If the single person lives in one of the eight LGAs of concern, the nominated visitor must live within 5kms of the single person.

Hope that helps!

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