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Don’t be wasting your food – free business workshop at Bilpin on Monday – register now

It’s not exactly got a zippy name, the Food Waste Avoidance for Hawkesbury Businesses – Free Business Workshop – but for anyone in the food business this is one you need to be at.

A staggering $36.6billion a year is the cost of food waste in Australia – that's food individuals and businesses throw out each year.

As the organisers say, “even if you don’t know it, food waste is impacting your business more than you think”.

Jo Taranto from Good For The Hood, as featured on ABC TV’s War on Waste, will be running the workshop and will be joined by three passionate Hawkesbury locals with experience working with restaurants and other businesses in addressing the problem of food waste.

You can chat with other business owners, hospitality staff and community members from the Hawkesbury as the workshop unpacks the challenges, opportunities and tools needed to tackle this hidden business cost.

This will cover exploring ways to better purchase, store and serve food, through to how you can get your customers to help you.

The event is on at Bilpin District Hall, 10am to noon on Monday, June 6.

Registration and further details, click below:

Good for the Hood - Free Food Waste Workshop for Hawkesbury Businesses Tickets, Mon 06/06/2022 at 10:00 am | Eventbrite

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